Sudbury, ON, Release: March 23, 2021

Sudbury start-up Verv Technologies has engaged award-winning engineering firm Cortex Design to develop their ground-breaking in-home blood testing analyzer. The new device will allow health-conscious individuals to monitor several different health indicators in the comfort of their own homes home, all with a small drop of blood and a smart phone.

Verv has already developed patent-pending technology that enables blood plasma separation from whole blood using a finger prick of blood. By integrating this technology into an easy-to- use device, Verv Technology and Cortex Design will revolutionize home health monitoring, making it simple, with no expertise or laboratories required.

Verv is excited to be partnering with a company with the levels of excellence and experience Cortex Design has which will help deliver Verv’s technology into the hands of consumers by early 2022.

Verv’s founder & President Jeff Sutton said:

“Cortex’s core belief in delivering great human experiences aligns perfectly with Verv’s mission to revolutionize consumer in-home blood testing. Cortex understood our needs immediately and provided a strategic plan to reach our goal. Verv’s commitment to bringing our solution to market in the next 12-18 months meant we had to source highly skilled talent to collaborate and innovate with. Cortex Design was the perfect fit.”

Dylan Horvath, President of Cortex Design said:

“We’re very excited to be working with Verv Technologies to create and deliver the design of the Vi Biochemistry Analyzer and Vchip technology. Cortex looks for clients with a strong leadership and scientific background to partner with in creating ground-breaking human-focused solutions to challenging healthcare problems. With the team at Verv, we are excited to launch a truly novel consumer device that has the potential to change the game in consumer directed healthcare.”

Looking ahead, Verv is also developing multiple test chips, with each chip capable of testing several biomarkers. Verv President Jeff Sutton said comments “This is a game changer in enabling people to take charge of their health, anyone, anywhere, anytime.”


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VP Investor Relations
Verv Technologies 705-561-5822 (c)

VERV TECHNOLOGIES is a Sudbury based medtech start-up. Established in 2012, Verv’s mission to change the way consumers access and conduct blood testing has resulted in patent-pending technology that will enable consumers with the ability to test their blood in their home. A solution that is inexpensive, accessible, and simple enough for anyone to use. Verv’s goal is to empower consumers to take control of their health, anyone, anywhere, anytime.


CORTEX DESIGN is an award-winning ISO 9001:2015 design firm, specializing in innovative medical and consumer products. Established in 1999, the team at Cortex believe that people deserve better experiences. This ethos manifests itself through every element of Cortex, with a focus on how the products Cortex develop advance the human experience. Cortex’s clients engage the firm when they need a flexible, responsive team to support and / or augment their internal resources. As a result, the Cortex team can meet a client where they are and engage in a project however the client needs them to.”