Home monitoring device will allow people to proactively track their health

Groundbreaking technology developed in Sudbury will soon allow people to monitor their health at home through a simple blood test, and the timing could not be more appropriate.

“Think of what’s happened due to COVID,” said Je! Sutton, president of Verv Technologies. “Canada has done a wonderful job but you need testing, and COVID highlighted the deficiencies we have in that. So this is a really important breakthrough, I think, that’s coming.”

Sutton, with help from others, has pioneered a system that will enable people to test for a wide range of health indicators — including COVID-19 antibodies — through a “finger-prick or two of blood.

“It all started about 10 years ago when I was sitting with my 80-some-year-old dad, who is type 2 diabetes,” said Sutton, whose background is in IT, physics and biotechnology. “He was doing a glucometer test, writing it down in a book, and deciding he could have an extra slice of bread  with lunch from then on.”

Seeing how easy it was for his father to track his glucose levels, Sutton wondered why people couldn’t test for other biomarkers, such as cholesterol and vitamin D, through a similar at-home procedure.

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Original Article by Jim Moodie (https://www.thesudburystar.com/author/jmoodie)