A Sudbury-based medical technology company said Thursday it has secured $3.8 million in funding from global health leader Randox Laboratories of the U.K.

In a release, Verv Technologies Ltd. said the seed money from Randox, an internationally recognized biotechnology and laboratory services leader, will help develop its blood chemistry analyser.

“We are thrilled to have Randox as a major investor in Verv to help propel us to commercial readiness and the opportunity to work with the original founder and managing director of Randox, Dr. Peter Fitzgerald, who will join Verv’s board of directors,” said Jeff Sutton, founder and president of Verv Technologies.

“We aim to create great value for health-conscious consumers,” Sutton said. “Verv will use the investment to accelerate the completion of commercial products, expand the suite of tests for consumers, enhance our exceptional team, and complete regulatory processes over the next year.”

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