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Your in-home blood testing solution

Monitor and manage your health and wellness from your own home. Verv’s Vi is the next generation in consumer empowered healthcare.  No large needles, laboratories or waiting for results, Vi is transforming healthcare. When it comes to your health, test don’t guess.

Very Blood Analyzer Render

*Final device design TBD

With a finger prick of blood, Verv’s patent pending blood plasma separator provides the appropriate blood sample for analysis. Using advanced technology and your smart phone, results are at your fingertips within 15 minutes. Fast, accurate, inexpensive all within the comfort of your own home. Take control of your health, anyone, anywhere, anytime.


“The future growth in the adoption of personalized lifestyle health care will be driven by new technologies that allow people to conveniently and accurately measure and track their function.”
Jeff Bland, “Father of Functional Medicine”

Advancements in technology have never before enabled consumers to be such active participants in their own health as they are today. Access to real time testing allows for personalized preventative health strategies that remove the guess work. The desire to test and obtain rapid results while remaining at home has catapulted from interesting to imperative. Recent challenges have demonstrated the need for accurate easy to use in-home testing. Rapid results allow for a rapid plan of action, not only for the health of the individual, but of the community as a whole.

Consumer Benefits

  • Easy access to information allows for appropriate lifestyle adjustments, improving health outcomes
  • Removes the need for needles, travel for testing, wait time for results
  • Inexpensive, simple to use, no experience or skill required
  • Control and trend your own data

Health Care Provider Benefits

  • Real time health information allows for timely adjustments to your health care plan
  • Virtual access to information anytime of the day, anywhere you are
  • Decentralized care, improved ability to care for those in isolated communities

When it comes to your health test don’t guess

Our Technology

When approved and launched for sale in commercial markets, Verv will have achieved what no one else to date has been able to – separate blood plasma from a finger prick of blood, for analysis in the home with an affordable, high-quality device. Combining this technology with leading edge Digital Microfluidics (DMF) and Electrochemistry (EC), we aim to transform point of care and in-home testing. A system that can be utilized by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Development Journey


Our Executive Team

Verv’s team is comprised of scientists, researchers, health care providers, and health conscious consumers. We are a unique group of like minded individuals looking to raise the bar for inspiring health and wellness through access to in-home health monitoring.

John Simmons

John Simmons
Board  Chair

John has extensive Board leadership experience and an exceptional track record in executive roles across the Canadian, U.S. and international healthcare sectors. He brings decades of success in leading transformations of large teams, building businesses from the ground up and forming strong relationships with customers, industry groups, stakeholders, external partners and international affiliates.
Martin (Marty) Gurbin

Martin (Marty) Gurbin

Marty is a recognized leader in business strategies related to health systems innovation, tech commercialization and adoption, and entrepreneurship development. He brings invaluable strategic insight and guidance to the Verv team.
Jeff Sutton

Jeff Sutton
Founder, President & CTO

With a technical background in applied physics, IT and biotechnology, Jeff brings a unique approach to clinical chemistry and testing.

Mike Staffen

Mike Staffen
Co-founder, Investor Relations & Strategy

After 25+ years in clinical practice with patients, Mike has an understanding of what healthcare has been in the past and where it’s going in the future.

Victoria Coleman

Victoria Coleman
VP Business Development

Through her experience as a practitioner, business leader and clinical education developer, Victoria brings a unique understanding of integrative care through the lens of the patient, consumer, and doctor.

With deep respect and fond memories

Hermann Falter

Hermann Falter PhD

Dr. Falter was a widely respected leader and former professor of Chemistry at Laurentian University with a PhD from the University of Cincinnati.

Dr. Angelo Mazzuchin

Angelo Mazzuchin PhD

Dr. Mazzuchin was a respected clinical chemist and Director of Laboratory Services at Laurentian Hospital and HSNRI.

Our Technical Team

Verv is extremely proud of the world class leadership of the technical team who continually inspire and collaborate. Introducing these amazing minds:

Amin Hosseini

Amin Hosseini, PhD
Lead – Biomedical Engineering

Ethan Read

Ethan Read, MSc 

Himang Goyal MSc
Design Quality Engineering

Laura Williams, MSc

Laura Williams, MSc
Laboratory Co-ordinator

Max Orok

Max Orok, MASc
Biomedical Engineering

Michelle Broad

Michelle Broad, MSc
Biochemist / QA

Pavel Milman

Pavel Milman, PhD

Sreekant Damodara

Sreekant Damodara, PhD 
Biomedical Engineering